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Contact: Elaine Chan
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  • Name: Hydraulic Wall Cutter
  • 1: Hydraulics wall saw with advantage design key spare parts imported from Italy,Germany, Switzerland..
  • 2: Super power and cutting very fast
  • 3: 815mm, 1015mm or customized cutting depth
  • 4: Reliable, super quality and competitive price
  • 5: First machine to be sold in one country, price can be with 20% discount

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Model No. (Power station) KCY-HDD-39 KCY-HDD-45
Rated Input Power 30kW 43kW
Hydraulic Pump Type Gear Gear
Hydraulic Pump Quantity 3 3
Motor Type Three phase water cooling
Rated Voltage 380 380
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz 50Hz/60Hz
Currency Overload 47A 63A
Voltage Socket (16A) 1(250V) 1(250V)
Length (mm) 518 518
Width (mm) 320 320
Height (mm) 675 675
Gross Weight 160kg (with oil) 170kg(with oil)
Option Digital remote control, frequency remote control
Model (Cutting head) KCY-KD-20 KCY-KD-22
Max blade diameter(mm) 1800 2200
Max cutting depth(mm) 815 1015
Max start blade dia(mm) 1000 1200
Saw blade mounting form Quick installation Quick installation
Saw blade arbor dia (mm) 60 60
Cantilever angle 360° 360°
Torque force 340Nm 400Nm
Speed   1st(rpm) 590 590
Speed   2nd(rpm) 850 850
Speed   3rd(rpm) 1020 1020
Speed   4th (rpm) 1300 1300
Weight 27kg 29kg
Option blade base  φ130mm,6×M8 φ130mm,6×M8
 φ110mm,6×M10 φ110mm,6×M10
 φ108mm,6×M10 φ108mm,6×M10
Address:No. 2993 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District,                 Shanghai,  China
Contact: Elaine Chan   Skype:
Phone: 0086-21-66550688
Mobile: 0086-13585784791

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