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  • Name: Magnetic Drill KCY-65/2WD,85/3WD
  • 1: Oil-immersed gearbox ,and 2-speed gearbox ,Electronically adjustable rotating speed
  • 2: Widely used for drilling ,tapping, reaming and counterbo,with Left & right rotating
  • 3: accuracy and stability of dual dovetail guide,long stroke
  • 4: Strong dual coil magnet
  • 5:

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Product model KCY-65/2WD KCY-85/3WD
Croe drill dia (mm)
Twist  drill dia (mm) Φ25 Φ32
Max tapping dia (mm) M20 M24
Rated voltage (v) 110/220 110/220
Max.attraction (N) 15800 16800
Rated frequency (Hz) 50~60 50~60
Rated input power (w) 1890 2280
No-load speed (RPM) 100-220/490 100-220/380/490

Magnetic drill is a kind of electric tool for adhering and drilling on the horizontal level,side face and top face,and widely used in the building,bridge building,and ship building industries and so on.You can use the magnetic drill when you can not use drill press and electric hand drill to drill huge steel workpieces or in field operation.They are convenient and small,and can reducing work force and improve the machining accuracy and effiency.velocity-adjustable magnetic drill is characteristic of constant power,over-loading protection and infinitely viable speed transmission,etc.

Address:No. 2993 Gonghexin Road, Jing'an District,                 Shanghai,  China
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